Jescar Buffing and Polishing System

Buffing and polishing a guitar finish will bring out the beauty of an instrument whether it is figured wood or a solid painted color.  Achieving a glass-like high gloss finish was always a challenge for even the most experienced buffing expert.  All that started to change a quarter century ago after Jescar introduced a superior line of polishing materials to the guitar market.  Based on our experience working with the Menzerna line of polishing compounds in industrial manufacturing we knew that buffing speed, efficiency and quality can be improved significantly.  By using compounds developed specifically for the various coating and finishes used on guitars, optimum results can be achieve while reducing total process costs.  Today, every major guitar manufacturer and the majority of luthiers and small builders are using polishing compounds supplied by Jescar.

Machine buffing is accomplished in one of two way depending on the buffing machine that is available.  The most popular method is the use of buffing wheels with solid bar compound.  This method offers the fastest and most powerful way to remove sanding scratches due to the energy of the wheels and very high concentration of polishing powder in the bar that does the actual work of scratch removal.  If a polishing machine using buff pads is being used then a liquid or paste compound is the preferred form of polishing compound.

In 2020, Jescar introduced the GlanzMax line of premium buffing compounds. The GlanzMax line offers superior performance, based on our over 4 decades of polishing experience. Click the logo to learn more about GlanzMax.