Gear Up Products continues to develop a series of unique and innovative instrument build, repair and maintenance products including CA adhesives and glue accompaniments for professionals. Specifically designed for the music instrument repair and build industry, Gear Up Products are exceptional products for everyday use offering ease of use, cost savings and advanced results.

Glues and Accelerator 

Part #:Name:PriceDescription:
GB-GLUB4GluDry$12.00No bubbling or pitting, clouding, hazing or yellowing CA glue accelerator.
GB-FNF2Fill n’ Finish$15.00Reliably fills pores on hardwoods.
GB-FNFT2Fill n’ Finish Thin$15.00Perfect for less porous woods, like ebony, maple, some rosewoods and Koa.
GB-FNFBLK2Fill n’ Finish Black$18.00Same flexibility and resilience as Fill n Finish, but with a black tint.
GB-MGGMasterGel Ultra$18.00Extra thick and clings to vertical surfaces with absolutely no run off.
GB-MGT2MasterGlu Thin$15.00100% high purity specialty CA glue.
GB-MGUT2MasterGlu Ultra Thin$15.00Super-thin adhesive for complete substrate wetting and wicking.


Part #:Name:PriceDescription:
FG-MT-VINTAGEMasterTint Vintage Kit
$49.00Complete color control for repairs and restorations - Amber, Yellow, Brown
FH-MT-MODERNKITMasterTint Modern Kit
$49.00Complete color control for repairs and restorations - Red, Blue, Yellow
FH-MT-BLACKANDWHITEKITMasterTint Black and White Kit $49.00Complete color control for repairs and restorations -Black, Black, Black, White
FH-MT-BROWNMasterTint Brown$20.00Brown CA Color Matching
FH-MT-AMBERMasterTint Amber$20.00Amber CA Color Matching
FH-MT-YELLOWMasterTint Yellow$20.00Yellow CA Color Matching
FH-MT-REDMasterTint Red$20.00Red CA Color Matching
FH-MT-BLUEMasterTint Blue$20.00Blue CA Color Matching
FH-MT-BLACKMasterTint Black$20.00Black CA Color Matching
FH-MT-WHITEMasterTint White$20.00White CA Color Matching


Part #:Name:PriceDescription:
GB-MSPSMasterShield$24.00Protect and safeguard the covered area from all types of sanding grits.
GB-MarkMaskSysEndPoint Mark + Mask System$15.00Creates spot on borderlines for a secure boundary and complete runoff control of adhesives and finishes.
GB-PPPTXTPinpoint + Extender Kit$7.00Extender tubes and actuators designed for use with GluBoost Glu Dry Accelerator.
GB-SPATDispensing Spatulas$15.0050 spatulas per pack in resealable metallic zip lock bags.
GB-PALETTEMixing Palette$7.00Made of a unique material that CA won’t stick to.
GB-ETExtender Tips$15.00For finer control of glue applications. Pack of 50.
GB-WTWhip Tips$22.00For super fine control of glue applications. Pack of 110.